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“Cindy tremendously helped me with my training and completion of the Aspen High Altitude Marathon just days prior to my 60th birthday. Her nutrition advice for the days leading up to the race were specific to me and helped me to finish strong! Cindy’s advice has always been rock solid!”

Jerry, Runner/Triathlete

Mikayla, New Triathlete

Cindy helped coach me during my first triathlon in 2021. Her expertise in endurance sports nutrition and triathlon coaching lead me to success not only in my first sprint triathlon, but in every race after, including a high altitude half-marathon and an Olympic triathlon this year (2023) where I placed 2nd in my age division. While working with Cindy, we were able to put together a great training and race plan that met my needs and allowed me to succeed on race day. With countless races and years of training under her belt, she has proven over and over that she is a great asset to my racing success.

Jerry, Runner/Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Kurt and Cindy Dallow with 2 doc tri coaching was a terrific team to work with. They helped me through four olympic triathlons and one ironman 70.3 in 2022. The nine-month engagement with them produced considerable performance gains, as well as significant knowledge gain with each discipline and the overall sport. Kurt pushed my endurance so I could achieve my goals, but was flexible and accommodating when my body needed rest or I faced scheduling challenges. He also helped me better understand how to properly maintain my bike, including changing a flat more efficiently. Cindy’s food tracking brought visibility to what and how much I was consuming in order to adjust and fine-tune my daily eating habits for optimal training. She also helped me map out a full nutrition plan for my 70.3 that worked perfectly on race day. Additionally, the two of them collaborated as needed to create a holistic training program. I highly recommend this coaching team if you want to take your triathlon performance to the next level.”

Louie, New Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Kurt and Cindy have been so flexible with my ever-changing time commitments. My swimming ability went from nothing to 750 yards in a span of 2 months all thanks to kurt’s instruction. My bike workouts are always exciting, and although I came from a running background, I came to kurt with knee injuries.
Kurt made sure my running workouts will allow me complete the sprint tri without making my knee condition worse. He makes sure I get the medical attention I need so I can enjoy the triathlon I’m working on.
As for my diet, cindy helped me embrace a wholistic approach to food. I am used to counting calories and with cindy’s outlook on food I am able to enjoy delicious and nutritious food that really power my workouts."

Louie, New Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

"I started working with cindy during my training for him st george purely because I was training hard but constantly hungry and fatigued, sometimes bailing on my workouts because I had no energy. I had never worked with a nutritionist before and was nervous. I trying to lose a few stubborn pounds. I genuinely thought I was eating too much. I didn’t realize I was cutting my calories too severely and ruining my performance at the same time. It was a lot for me to put myself out there and have someone look at what I ate. I was reassured during our first chat as I realized cindy does not judge or criticize. It turned out I wasn’t eating nearly enough for my ultimate goal, and during hard training I was encouraged to eat much more than I had previously... Those were happy months! My training improved, as did my mood and focus. Cindy kept in touch regularly and answered all of my questions and supported me when I needed it. Cindy provided nutrition guidelines for my daily living and also race day, talking through the plans in advance to make sure I was confident and understood how to eat well for optimum performance.

After St George I decided to keep working with cindy during the off season to lose a little excess weight whilst I wasn’t training so intensely. Cindy re-evaluated my diet and nutritional needs and created an affordable and easy to follow plan. After a few months I am eating better without even thinking about it as I have learned to make healthier choices. I still have treats as cindy doesn’t like to deny any foods, instead I have learned to identify why I want those foods and enjoy them when I do eat them. I have lost body fat whilst maintaining muscle and I can perform during my training sessions and short distance triathlons. I have learned a lot about nutrition working with cindy, she has made eating very simple and enjoyable again!"

Kat, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Cindy and Kurt were amazing! We worked together for four months to get me ready for my first ironman. Kurt made sure we had weekly check-ins and he adjusted my workouts when I had pain or just too tired. Cindy made sure that I was confident in my nutrition and that it worked for me. I didn’t hurt at all after my race, and I attribute that to the amazing training and nutrition plan I received from these tow awesome coaches.”

Dana Gaetani, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Had a great experience with Cindy and her husband Kurt. This is my first sprint tri and I attended their open water clinic in longmont. They are a wealth of information and cindy is so patient with us beginners. Thanks for everything!”

Felicia, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“I knew that in order to reach a new level I needed to take a good look at my nutrition. I worked with cindy and she helped me understand that food is fuel, that carbs are my friend and that I need to take care of my body if I want to reach the goals I have set myself.”

Stephanie, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“I got great feedback from Cindy on each meal. I have tons of energy and increased my performance in swimming, biking, and running. I would highly recommend working with her to get your nutrition on track. It worked for me!”

Renee, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

”Tracking nutrition, knowing how to properly fuel workouts and triathlon races has always been a daunting task for me. Being fairly new to this sport, I didn’t know where to begin.

Cindy dallow did everything - with little effort and no time! The best part was getting to know cindy and completely trusting her approach.

From start to finish, I received red carpet treatment and I received an excellent plan (no cookie cutter bs plan). I love the ongoing support after the four-week triathlon nutrition plan. Cindy dallow is the best of the best!”

Anna Beth, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Although I swam and ran for many years, I had problems with recovery when I started training for endurance events. Cindy’s counseling helped me get more out of my training and go further than I ever thought possible, including 5-hour long mountain bike races. I was pleasantly surprised to find how some simple diet changes could make such a big difference.”

Geoff, mountain biker & road cyclist


Mikayla, New Triathlete

“Training for a half ironman is daunting and hard but way better with cindy’s nutritional guidance! I started training on my own because I thought with my weird digestive/dietary issues there wouldn’t be anyone who could work with me. I was wrong! Cindy accommodated me late into my training (don’t be a slacker like me) and made an awesome nutritional plan that actually worked for me. Other nutritional coaches were telling me I needed more fat or that they didn’t like what fuel I was using which was very discouraging with having such a limited dietary range. Cindy was very understanding and made what works for me, work for me! I survived my very hot first 70.3 with no cramping or gi issues thanks to her plan. Her help has even made me start to think a full ironman is possible! Hire her and you won’t regret the wealth of knowledge and insights she’ll add to your training.”

Amber, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

I was an ultra runner who struggled in some races because I ran out of energy. I was so overwhelmed by exactly what I should eat, and how much, that I chose to ignore my hunger and hope I could stomach various random things I could shove into my mouth. Cindy took the mystery out of race munchies. She gave me a detailed plan that told me, down to the minute, what I should eat and drink and when. I didn’t follow it exactly when I ran a 50k in ottawa, but the plan helped me figure out what I could eat to get my goal of 50 carbs an hour. I felt fantastic during most of the race and I owe some of that to cindy helping me put some energy back into my body instead of it slowly leaking out during a long race.

Dan, Ultra Runner


Mikayla, New Triathlete

Kurt and Cindy were great! I was ready to begin my fitness journey, specifically interested in one-on-one training with a professional team. They are encouraging, motivating, and very thorough with their explanations and visuals to demonstrate the best technique and form to ensure that I was safely and effectively achieving my fitness goals for the half iron man. It was a great experience and by far the best money spent!

Mike, Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

Working with cindy and kurt this season allowed me to grow as an athlete in ways that I never thought were possible. I completed my first triathlon this year and learned to love the sport in the process due to the never ending support 2doctri coaching gave me. I am so excited to continue working with them in the future to achieve my fitness goals!

Amber D., Triathlete


Mikayla, New Triathlete

As my ‘a’ race week is here, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the help and support throughout this training season. The two of you are truly the ‘whole package’ when it comes to triathlon coaching. I appreciate your knowledge, advice, and recommendations. The email, text messages, phone calls, and zoom calls made it easy to contact you with any questions or concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a coaching team that offers more than anyone else out there. You have a great program, and I hope it continues to grow in the ways you want. Thank you!

Sarah, Triathlete

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