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IM Canada 2013 Race Report

by Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD

Getting my race packet! So excited!

I was lucky enough to finish the inaugural IM Canada in Whistler. Although I had my slowest IM time, it was by far the most fun I had ever had doing an IM.

Quick race report:

Swim - 1:21, which is a bit slow for me but I had a very hard time getting through people. Very congested at the start and by first buoy. Had to stop several times. Water was clear and cool but not cold (probably around 67 degrees). Weather was perfect.

Bike - This is the part I was worried about. The IMC facebook page was full of comments on how hard the bike course was going to be and they were right. Extremely hilly with one hill of 10% grade! We climbed around 6000 total feet throughout the 112 miles. The good thing is that it was the most beautiful course I had ever biked and the weather was fantastic. I held back for the first 50 miles or so and probably held back too much because I ended up with a 7+ hour bike time. I was disappointed but had to keep going.

Run - Felt fairly good in the beginning but faded by mile 6 or so and started walking. Horrible heel pain from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. My spirits started to drop big-time. Had a come-to-Jesus moment at mile 12 and told myself to start running. Despite horrendous pain in my heel, I ran....and ran....and ran (jogged was more like it). Ended up with a 15:09 finish time, way slower than I had wanted. But still, so happy to have done the race. Loved it and would do it again if I could.

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