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Xterra World Championships, Here We Come!

by Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD

Super stoked to fly to Maui tomorrow for Kurt to compete in the 2017 Xterra World Championships on Sunday!  

Kurt qualified for the World Championships this last summer at a race in Beaver Creek, CO. Ironically, he barely made it back to T2 before the cut-off because he had mechanical issues and had to push his bike for 10 miles! 

Can you imagine pushing your mountain bike on a trail for 10 MILES?!

He came in a distant 3rd but the world championship spot rolled down to him. Had he quit, he would not have gotten the spot. KUDOS TO COACH KURT FOR HANGING IN THERE!

This is our 2nd trip to Maui for the Xterra World Championships but the first time we went (in 2011), Kurt got in via the lottery. This time he qualified so it's a bigger deal. We all know it's a feather in your cap when you qualify for a big race, right?

He couldn't have qualified without doing well in other races. He placed in the top 3 in each race he did this year. 

303 Triathlon wrote a story about Kurt and Lukus Klawitter, another Colorado guy who qualified. You can read it here.   

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